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ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions
Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

Regenerative desiccant dryers use desiccant media to dry compressed air through the process of adsorption. Dry air with dew points of either -40°F, -80°F, or -100°F can be achieved. These extremely low dew points are necessary in critical compressed air applications or for those in extremely cold environments where any moisture remaining in the air would freeze inside compressed air system piping, resulting in blocked flow.

During dryer operation, the desiccant media is used to dry the air followed by a period of regeneration when the media is purged of the moisture it collects so it can be used again for drying. Twin-tower design of our dryers allows simultaneous air drying and desiccant regeneration - without interruption of compressed air flow.

Heat-Of-Compression Dryers
Available For Air- and Water-Cooled Applications

Heat-Of-Compression (HOC) Dryers are the latest addition to the Eclipse™ Regenerative Desiccant Dryer family. HOC dryers make use of the heat that's generated by oil-free air compressors for compressed air drying. Use of this normally wasted energy enables delivery of clean, dry air at a very low cost. Water-cooled and now air-cooled models are available. ZEKS ZCA and ZXA HOC dryer models include innovative design and time-proven components that enable them to deliver:

Unmatched Performance - Designs for consistent -40°F dew point or Instrument Quality air
Adaptive Control Technology - Automatic adjustment of dryer operation for optimal performance
Flexibility - Models for 50-500 hp oil-free applications; Multiple-compressor ready
Reliability - Innovative design with time-proven components
Maintenance Priority - Low profile provides safe access to serviceable parts

Eclipse™ Heat-Of-Compression Dryer Catalog

Eclipse Regenerative Desiccant Dryers
Eclipse dryers from ZEKS combine innovative design, advanced engineering and quality workmanship and include these features:


  • Energy Savings Options
  • Low Profile Design
  • High Performance Valves
  • Convenient Service Access
  • Advanced Controls
  • Remote Communication Ready


Eclipse dryers are available in ZPA Heatless, ZHA Heated and ZBA Heated Blower models to meet a broad range of application and operator requirements. Standard ZHA/ZBA and optional ZPA models include our proven DPC™ Digital Controller and status-indication DynOptic™ Panel to clearly communicate dryer status while affording easy access to dryer functions. ZPA 90-5000 scfm, ZHA/ZBA 150-8000 scfm models available. All ZEKS regenerative desiccant dryers are covered by our comprehensive Dryer Warranty.

Eclipse™ Dryer Catalog

Heatless Regeneration Dryers
20-60 scfm

Hydronix dryers are an economic way to provide compressed air that has -40°F, -80°F, or -100°F pressure dew point. All models use a small portion of the dried compressed air that exits the dryer to regenerate the desiccant media. Shifting from drying-mode to regeneration-mode is automatically controlled. Hydronix dryers include high quality components that have been proven to operate reliably over a long service life.


  • Heatless desiccant regeneration
  • -40°F, -80°F, or -100°F pressure dew point models
  • Adjustable purge air control
  • Reliable valves for long service life
  • Reliable automatic dryer control

Hydronix™ Dryer Catalog