Our Products

ZEKS offers a full line of compressed air dryers and air treatment accessories. We provide products to every segment of industry that requires clean, dry compressed air.

Refrigerated Dryers

ZEKS Refrigerated Dryers for compressed air systems.

Desiccant Dryers

ZEKS Desiccant Dryers for compressed air systems.


ZEKS full line of filters for compressed air systems.

Condensate Management

ZEKS has solutions that help you manage oily condensate.

Flow Controllers

ZEKS Flow Controllers enable precision control of compressed air pressure and flow.

ZEKS products in warehouse

How To Buy

ZEKS products are made available through authorized Distributors located throughout North America. These Distributors have been trained to specify, sell, install, and service the entire ZEKS product line. To get the name of your local ZEKS Distributor or to inquire about a ZEKS product or technology, please complete and submit the ZEKS Contact Form: