Condensate Management

ZEKS provides time-proven condensate management solutions to keep compressed air equipment running optimally.

Oil/Water Separators

Separate compressor lubricant carryover from liquid condensate for safe and compliant disposal.

Picture of ZEKS oil/water separator

10-1,250 SCFM

OSB Series Oil/Water Separators

For air systems with 2-30 horsepower compressors

Condensate Drains

Air compressor, air dryer, filter and receiver performance is dependent on drain valve operation. ZEKS has reliable solutions to keep systems up and running.

Picture of ZEKS electronic drain

Enterprize II Drain

Electronic No Air-Loss Drain
Picture of ZEKS motorized ball valve drain

EZDB 2 Drain

Motorized Ball Valve Drain
Picture of ZEKS pneumatically operated no air loss drain

Savairâ„¢ SDD200 H

Pneumatically Operated No Ail Loss Drain

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