Refrigerated Dryers

From our flagship HeatSink™ cycling dryers that save energy to our economical non-cycling dryers and models for special applications, we have a full range of refrigerated drying solutions.

HeatSink™ - Energy-Saving Dryers

Due to seasonal variations or shift usage, most compressed air systems operate with varying flow profiles. ZEKS HeatSink™ refrigerated dryers are designed to address the realities of compressed air usage, consuming only the electrical energy necessary to meet the actual demand for dry compressed air.

Picture of small ZEKS refrigerated dryer

10-125 SCFM

HSH Series

For air systems with 2-25 horsepower compressors
Picture of mid-size ZEKS refrigerated dryer

150-2,400 SCFM

HSG/HSF Series

For air systems with 30-600 horsepower compressors
Picture of large ZEKS MultiPlex dryer

3,250-19,200 SCFM

HSFM Series

For air systems with 700-4,800 horsepower compressors

Non-Cycling Dryers

Where compressed air usage is consistent, the combination of low pressure drop and compressed air-specific components make ZEKS Non-Cycling dryers an efficient and economical air drying solution.

Picture of small ZEKS refrigerated dryer

11-64 SCFM

NCE Series

For air systems with 2-15 horsepower compressors
Picture of three ZEKS refrigerated dryers

70-1,000 SCFM

PNA Series

For air systems with 15-200 horsepower compressors
Picture of small and large ZEKS dryers

150-19,200 SCFM


For air systems with 30-4,800 horsepower compressors

Special Application Dryers

ZEKS offers compressed air dryers engineered specifically for high temperature and high pressure applications. Our CDA Series is unique in its use of available on-site cooling energy for compressed air drying.

Picture of high temperature ZEKS refrigerated dryer

15-100 SCFM

HTB Series

For air systems with 3-25 horsepower compressors
Picture of high pressure ZEKS refrigerated dryer

30-3,550 SCFM

SS, SCFX Series

For air systems that operate under pressure as high as 6,000 SCFM
Picture of ZEKS Chiller Dryer

500-19,200 SCFM


For facilities with available on-site cooling energy

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